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What We Do

Skilled Jobs Direct is dedicated to “Matching Skilled Craft Workers to Jobs” based on their trade, skills, professional experience, education, preferences and many other factors. We aid the Skilled Craft Worker by helping them to find jobs that are best-suited to them.

In a recent article published by Bloomberg, Stephen Rose, a research professor at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce in Washington, estimates that 2.2 million jobs are going unfilled because of a mismatch between available positions and qualified workers. The Skilled Jobs Direct website automatically finds jobs that match the skilled craft worker.

How We Do It

The Skilled Jobs Direct process differs from other websites in that the skilled craft worker fills out a profile outlining their trade, skills, professional experience, educational history, preferences and other information such as additional languages, security clearances, etc. and the website automatically finds jobs that match these factors.

Recruiters are able to search from their point of view -- automatically locating skilled craft workers based on trade, skills, work experience, educational level and other information that match jobs that they post.

The website automatically makes connections between worker profiles and jobs that match their criteria.

Peter Cappelli of Wharton Business School states that companies want “people who can plug and play”. The Skilled Jobs Direct website meets this need in that the website pairs job seekers with the jobs that best fit their criteria.

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